If I place an order today when will I receive my order?

The following business day in most cases.

Is there a delivery charge?

No, there is never a delivery charge!

Is it possible to receive an empty cartidge?

In over 25 years it has never happened where an empty cartidge has accidently been shipped. There are too many quality assurance systems in place for it to occur.

Does ETB offer both premium remanufactured and new (OEM) cartridges?

Yes we offer both premium remanufactured and new toner cartridges and on most of our printer consumables.

If I use a remanufactured toner cartridge in my printer will it void my warranty?

It will not void your warranty of your printer as per Section 77 of the Canadian Competition Act. The manufacturer cannot void or limit a warranty of a product in which the customer has chosen to use compatible or remanufactured toner cartridges.

What if I think I have a defective cartridge.

Defects do happen rarely so first check our Helpful Tips page to see if there is any advice there that can trouble shoot the issue. If that does not help then let your Exclusive Assistant know right away so we can send you a Cartridge Issue Form and send a replacement right away.

Can I stop by ETB and pick up my order myself?

Since all of our orders are shipped from one of our warehouses across Canada we do not hold a supply at our ETB offices.


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